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The 20th Annual

Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival

October 1 - 20, 2024

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The award-winning Annual Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival will be held in the charming and eclectic historic district of Bluffton, well known for its quirky art community and natural river beauty. The festival is a week long event offering a myriad of activities, showcasing the locally harvested seafood, delicious Low Country cuisine, rich history, great art and Southern hospitality found only in Bluffton.
There is truly something for everyone!

History and Mission

The Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival was created in 2005 to help further a sense of community and to benefit the citizens, the local area merchants and artists through tourism.  The citizens of the Town of Bluffton had and continue to express the need to protect and maintain the pristine quality of the May River and the historic Bluffton Oyster Company, as they are both instrumental to the very essence of the community.

“As Bluffton continues to grow, it is paramount that we continue to introduce our citizens, old and new, to these precious Bluffton gems. Festivals are like magnets, they attract the young and old, rich and poor, locals and transplants, all to celebrate their community.”


What began as a one day event in 2005 and expanded to a weekend celebration in 2006 has, since 2007, been a week long celebration highlighting the “gems of Bluffton”: the natural beauty of this river community; its rich history; the pristine quality of the May River; the bounty of the local waterways; and the cultural and artistic aspect of the community itself. It is touted as and truly is the celebration “where fine art and the bounty of the sea come together”!

It is our purpose with each festival to help raise awareness that fosters protection of the May River and the rich culture and history of our area for the enjoyment of generations to come.