Frequently Asked Artist Questions

What is a Juried Art Show?

A juried art show is one at which artists have their work reviewed by a “jury” of artists who decide if the art meets a level that is acceptable for the festival.

What artwork is acceptable?

All art must be original, handcrafted work, made in the United States.

The artist must guarantee that the work presented is the work of their own hands.

Work done by a production studio is not acceptable.

Jewelry, clothing, handbags or similar items are not acceptable.

Mass-produced products of any kind are not acceptable.

What is the application process?

Once you complete and return an application (available online) and fee, you are registered for the festival. The Jury will meet in early June to review all applicants. After the Jury has made their selection, all artists will be notified as to whether or not they have been accepted.

Do I need to send images?

If you are a new artist, then you are required to send in three good quality images of your art and one of your booth. You will be judged on what can be seen in the images. If you are a repeat artist, then the images are not required.

Are double sized booths available?

Yes, double booths are available for twice the cost of a single booth.

May I bring my pet?

Animals are allowed provided your pet is friendly, gentle, and well behaved.